Quality Assured

At Knight Energy Services, we’re dedicated to excellence, integrity, and leadership through safety and quality.

We have shaped a culture where quality is everyone's shared responsibility—from the personnel in the field up to our executive management team. That culture strives for continuous customer service improvements, zero-failure products, and solutions delivered on time, every time.

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Our unique Quality Management System ensures every tool has been tested and every employee adequately trained on using those tools for oil and gas projects.

The Quality Management System (QMS) defines the direction of Knight Energy Services in the marketplace and benchmarks the most successful business models. It provides a real-time measurement system to evaluate efficiency and effectiveness of all work processes. This eliminates guesswork from the equation and gives Knight Energy Services a clear-cut superiority in the management of our company.

Consistent commitment to the QMS guides our personnel to be constantly award of providing you with quality equipment and unparalleled service.

Our KIP® Inspection Program brings a whole new level of efficiency, accuracy, accountability, and consistency to the equipment inspection of Knight Energy equipment.

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This innovative touch-screen computer application allows technicians and inspectors to retrieve technical data, review reference materials, and record tool inspection results as they perform their inspections on the shop floor.

Training videos and work instructions are available on-screen for quick reference. Additional technical reference materials—from manufacturers and Knight Energy Services—are available wherever needed, and part number references are available on-screen when a replacement is needed.

KIP tracks drill stem inspections and measurement data. Alerts notify our inspectors of excessive wear and minimum-acceptance criteria, so only job-ready equipment goes to location.

KIP also integrates with Knight Energy Services personnel to ensure that inspections cannot be closed until both tubular and rental inspections have been completed. When tubular inspections are completed, KIP prints out a detailed inspection report and, if appropriate, releases the tool for continued inspection in the shop.

With KIP, there is never a question about the details of our tool inspections—or the condition of our equipment.

At Knight Energy Services, we are committed to excellence in quality with an emphasis on safety in everything we do.

Knight Energy Services invites you to visit one of our facilities to see KIP in action. We also offer an on-site, in-depth look into KIP presented as a lunch-and-learn at your facility. Contact us for more information or to schedule a demonstration.