Oilfield Equipment Rentals & Repairs

At Knight Energy Services, we offer a range of services, including equipment rentals, tubular running services, remedial services, inspection, repair, and manufacturing.

We take every step to ensure your pipe, tubing, and other oilfield tools are in premium condition. Our equipment and knowledge will ensure efficiencies and produce better outputs for your operation throughout the United States, Mexico, and South America.

Rental Services

Our rental tools support projects from small land-based workovers to deepwater operations.

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Tubular Running Services

We’ve been offering tubular running services and equipment for over 50 years.

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Remedial Services

Whether it’s breathing life into an old field, boosting your production or safely and securely abandoning an old well, you can trust Knight Remedial Solutions to deliver excellent service.

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Repair & Manufacturing

Our experienced group of engineering and machining specialists ensures you receive the highest quality manufactured oilfield equipment.

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Inspection Services

All of our inspection services, including tubular repair, are offered in one location, eliminating transportation cost.

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Knight Oil Tools, LLC, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Knight Energy Services, recognized as a leader in providing the oil and gas industry with first-quality services including those shown here.