Tubular Running Services

Knight Energy Services’ casing running equipment and services are designed to reduce job time and minimize thread damage. Our tools are well-maintained, serviced, and inspected through our unique Quality Management System so they perform at optimum levels every time.

  • Casing Crews
  • CRT (Casing Running Tools)
  • High-torque power tongs with integral backup
  • Power drill pipe tongs with integral backup
  • Rotary tools
  • Pipe handler
  • Elevators
  • Slip-type elevators
  • Spiders
  • Dual Tools
  • Torque-turn services & technicians

Knight Energy Services specializes in OCTG connections for the toughest situations.

Knight Energy Services’ Volant CRT casing running tool (CRT) combines the functionality of field-proven tools such as the Top Drive, Fill and Circulation Tool, and Single Joint Elevator (SJH) in a single CRT, eliminating the need to rig up typical equipment. This feature makes casing operations safer, faster, and more efficient on land rigs and smaller offshore drilling facilities.

Our torque-turn service utilizes the Connection Technology C/T 3000 Computerized Torque Control system. The C/T 3000 uses two 16-bit processors that work in tandem for multitasking control; an electronic dump valve shuts the tongs down at precisely the optimum torque. All torque information is stored on the computer’s hard drive and can be downloaded to a USB flash drive for storage at the field office. This information can be printed into a hard copy and sent to the end-user on request.

Tubular Running Services Locations

odessa, tx Youngsville, LA