Tubular Running Services

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Knight Energy Services deploys specialized equipment and operators to perform a variety of tubular-handling solutions:

  • Casing Crews
  • CRT (Casing Running Tools)
  • High-torque power tongs with integral backup
  • Power drill pipe tongs with integral backup
  • Rotary tools
  • Pipe handler
  • Elevators
  • Slip-type elevators
  • Spiders
  • Dual Tools
  • Torque-turn services & technicians

Our casing handling equipment and services are designed to reduce job-time and minimize thread damage. Our tools are well-maintained, serviced, and inspected through our unique Quality Management System, so they perform at optimum levels every time.

Knight Energy Services specializes in OCTG connections to handle the toughest situations.

Our Volant CRT casing running tool (CRT) for onshore and offshore rigs combines the functionality of field-proven tools such as the Top Drive, Fill and Circulation Tool, and Single Joint Elevator (SJH) in a single CRT, eliminating the need to rig up typical equipment. This makes casing operations safer, faster, and more efficient on land rigs and smaller offshore drilling facilities.

Our torque-turn service utilizes the Connection Technology C/T 3000 Computerized Torque Control system. The C/T 3000 uses two 16-bit processors that work in tandem for multitasking control; an electronic dump valve shuts the tongs down at precisely the optimum torque. All torque information is stored on the computer’s hard drive and downloaded to a USB flash drive for storage at the field office. This information can be printed into a hard copy and sent to the end-user upon request.

Knight Energy Services’ personnel are experts who have conquered the toughest tubular handling issues. We are constantly learning and adapting to solve new challenges.

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